A Transformation Fueled by Friends, Faith and Mercy

It’s hard to imagine that Brian Busto, a biomedical equipment technician, has struggled with his weight for most of his life. The trim marathoner once shunned physical activity and depended on medication to control high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. His transformation from an unhealthy 308 pounds to a 185-pound physique was not without…

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OPTIFAST Helps Teacher, Singer & Author Get the ‘St. Bernard’ Off Her Chest

Imagine wearing a baby carrier on your chest. Now imagine that you’re not carrying a baby in it, but instead you’re carrying a 70-pound St. Bernard dog. Imagine carrying this 70-pound St. Bernard on your chest for 24 hours a day. That’s how it feels to be overweight. Stair steps, walking, and even sleeping are much harder with a…

Robyn's Testimonial Canton Mercy OPTIFAST 2018
42% Percent of Americans Are Vitamin D Deficient. Are You Among Them?

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient your body requires primarily to build strong bones and for overall good health. A fat-soluble vitamin that functions like a steroid hormone in the body, vitamin D comes in two forms in your diet, D2 and D3, and can also be produced in your skin when exposed to sunlight….

Vitamin D deficiency
Overweight at 380 Pounds: ‘Your Weight Is Always on Your Mind’

Larry*, a Mercy Weight Management Client, Shares How Losing Weight Put Him, Not His Weight, in Control When you are overweight at 380 pounds, it affects every area of your life. Your weight is always on your mind, and it has an impact on everything you do. Before joining the Mercy Weight Management OPTIFAST program,…

Weight Loss Testimonial for Mercy Weight Management Client Larry
Water, water everywhere, but did you forget to drink? How to keep your body hydrated.

We know we should, but drinking enough water during the day can be a struggle. It should be simple enough, but there can be barriers to staying hydrated. Some people don’t enjoy the taste of water. Others prefer drinking sugar sweetened beverages. Others get so busy with their day they don’t think to have some…

How to stay hydrated with infusion recipes
10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

People experience the most unwanted weight gain from Halloween to New Year’s. Studies show that weight gained over this eight-week period can take months to lose. The days and weeks leading up to the holidays and after can be stressful enough without having to worry about stepping on the scale. Practice these tips to help…

Do You Struggle with Portion Distortion? Take Our Quiz.

Food is fuel for your body, not a form of recreation. Food gives you the energy you need to be able to enjoy the other activities in life. Think about comparing your body to your car. You fill up your car’s gas tank when it is empty, not when it is full. So, don’t eat…

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Why Yoga May Be Just What Your Heart Needs

Heart disease remains the number one killer of both men and women. Exercise and increased activity levels remains at the top of the heart healthy lifestyle changes list. But does exercise have to look or feel a certain way to improve heart health? Yoga looks nothing like the traditional aerobic exercise of walking, running, swimming or…

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Five Ways to Grill the Perfectly Nutritious Summer Meal

In the summer, you want to kick back and enjoy the warm weather and longer days. No one wants to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals. But do we have to sacrifice healthy eating for convenience? No way! Just go to the grill. It’s an easy, quick, flavorful way to cook with a bonus:…

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5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Sure, you hear about actors and models hiring personal trainers. There was also that show, The Biggest Loser, that featured personal trainers helping people with their weight loss goals. But why would someone like you want to hire a personal trainer? Here are five reasons to consider. Can you remember the first time you ever…

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Quiz: Is Your Weight Robbing You of Freedom or Fun?

Gaining weight is easy and a lot more fun than trying to lose weight. Maybe it is just by nature we resist the thought of losing. We hate losing our car keys or our favorite baseball cap. Losing a loved one is painful. So, if losing is so hard, maybe we need to change our…

Quiz about weight robbing you of freedom and fun
Why ‘Health’ Claims on Vaping & E-cigs Are a Dangerous Smoke Screen

A tremendous number of appealing new e-cigarette products are hitting the market. People assume (and have been told) they are healthier than regular cigarettes. Kids as young as 11 are vaping, saying, “Who wouldn’t want to try a vapor that tastes like caramel macchiato or cotton candy? What can be harmful in a liquid that…

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OPTIFAST: A Different ‘Weigh’ to Look at Weight Loss

The OPTIFAST® weight-loss system at Mercy Weight Management is different from other diet programs that focus on just looking good. At Mercy, we want you want to feel good, too. Discover the six things that make Mercy’s OPTIFAST program unique! When choosing a program, it is important to choose a trusted weight loss solution that…

6 things that make OPTIFAST different - weight loss canton ohio
No Longer Seeing Results from Your Workouts? Here’s Why.

Did you start out the New Year with a new exercise routine? Hopefully, it’s still delivering the results you are hoping for. But don’t count on that success for long. Find out why, as well as what you can do to keep the momentum going. At some point, our exercise routine can become stagnant and…

Why your exercise routine isn't working anymore - Mercy Fitness Gym Canton Ohio
Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Find Out How this Man Lost 70 Pounds!

Scott Trenton has struggled with lung disease and weight for much of his lifetime. After losing 70 pounds, he has a new outlook on life and the body that allows him to enjoy it. In 2008, Scott Trenton became a part of the breakfast club at Mercy Pulmonary Rehabilitation. That is what a group of…

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7 Ways to Maintain, Not Gain at the Holidays. Look at #6 If You Dare!

The holiday season is the time of year to celebrate your blessings, have some fun and feel your best. Many of you have worked hard all year to drop those excess pounds. Don’t let the holidays sabotage you. This holiday season, I encourage you to adopt a “maintain, not gain” attitude. Here are seven tips…

15 Ways to Make the Holidays Happy AND Healthy

Give your family and yourself the gift of good health this holiday season by using strategies to incorporate exercise and good nutrition into the festivities. Holiday shopping, spending money, family obligations, wrapping gifts, children’s activities, church programs, decorating, cooking and traveling can all can be stressful and drain your energy. As Charlie Brown says, “AAAAAHHHHH!”…

Make Your Holidays Health and Happy - Mercy Fitness Center, North Canton, Ohio
Healthy & ‘Wise’ Holiday Calendar: 31 Tips for Better Health This December

There are 31 days in December. This year, try something new — and good for you — on every one of them with the Healthy & “Wise” Holiday Calendar from Mercy’s own Kathy Wise, registered dietitian nutritionist and director of employee health and wellness. Print out a copy of this calendar for easy reference every…

Healthy & wise holiday calendar for 2015 from Mercy in Canton, Ohio
5 Reasons to Toss the Scale as a Measure of Exercise Success

It’s nice when the scale shows you a number that makes you happy, but the scale cannot tell you how fit you are. If the scale is making you feel like a failure, it’s time to look at the numbers differently.  Most people start an exercise program to lose weight as their primary goal. So,…

5 reasons to not use a scale for measuring weight loss success - Mercy Fitness North Canton Ohio
5 Comfort Foods to Keep You Warm AND Healthy (Plus 2 Tasty Soup Recipes!)

As autumn weather gets cooler, it’s tempting to load up on traditional comfort foods that often are not the healthiest choices. When you want a warm and toasty snack this fall, try these five perfect comfort foods that won’t add pounds. Plus, check out the recipes below for Heart-warming Vegetable Soup and Creamy White &…

Recipes for Vegetable Soup and Creamy White & Sweet Potato Soup
The Quick & Easy Guide to Squeezing Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

Not enough time for an effective workout seems to be one of the biggest road blocks to an active lifestyle. However, if you think that’s the ultimate excuse for not exercising, think again! Here are quick and easy ways to get more exercise, no matter how busy your schedule is. Guest post by Britni Wilson,…

Ultimate Quick Guide to Squeezing More Exercise into Busy Schedule - Canton Mercy Fitness Center
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